Porsche ball joints – benefits of replacing

Porsche ball joints

Porsche ball joints – benefits of replacing

Why it is important to regularly maintain your Porsche suspension parts? 

Regular maintenance and repair of your Porsche are crucial for ensuring longevity and optimal performance. Vital component of cars steering which requires special attention is the ball joint. Main purpose of ball joint is connecting the steering knuckle to the control arm, allowing smooth and controlled movement of the wheels. Over time, ball joints wear out or become damaged, which means it is time for their replacement.  

Why replacement of a ball joint gives you a safer and more enjoyable driving experience?  

A worn-out ball joint can significantly reduce a car’s steering control. As the ball joint deteriorates, it can cause excessive play in the front suspension, leading to improper steering response and precision. By replacing the ball joint, you can restore precise steering control, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. 

How to recognize a worn / damaged ball joint?  

Ball joints play a vital role in maintaining the suspension’s integrity. When they become worn or damaged, it can result in excessive vibration, clunking noises, or uneven tire wear. Replacing the worn ball joint restores the suspension’s functionality, reducing vibrations and enhancing overall ride comfort. A healthy ball joint keeps tire wear low and maximizes the lifespan of tires. 

Increase safety by preventing suspension failure 

The most common sign of a worn ball joint is clunking or knocking noises coming from the front suspension. Drivers should hear these sounds when going over bumps, making turns, or driving on uneven surfaces. 

Faulty ball joints pose a significant safety risk. A worn-out ball joint can cause your vehicle’s front suspension to collapse, leading to a loss of control while driving. This can be particularly dangerous at higher speeds or during emergency manoeuvres. By promptly replacing the ball joint, you ensure the safety of both you and your passengers, preventing potential accidents caused by suspension failure. 

Protect your other Porsche components by replacing the ball joint

A failing ball joint can have a domino effect on other Porsche suspension components. Excessive play in the ball joint can place additional stress on the control arm, steering knuckle, and other related parts. We recommend replacing the ball joint in a timely manner, to prevent any further damage to other steering components. Preventive maintenance can save you from costly repairs down the road. 

A new ball joint can extend the life of other steering components 

When Porsche ball joint wears out, it places extra strain on the tie rods and other steering components. This added stress can lead to premature wear and failure of these parts, resulting in compromised steering and handling. By replacing the ball joint promptly, you reduce the strain on other steering components, extending their lifespan and avoiding unnecessary repairs. 

Prekom ball joints for Porsche vehicles 

At Prekom we produce ball joints for many Porsche models like 911, 912, 914, 928, 944, 964, 993, 904, Cayenne and more. Besides stock option we also offer racing (decambered) ball joints. Prekom ball joints for Porsche 911 and 914 are sold individually without hub nut, lock plate wheel and split pin  (PR03016P / PR03017P) and also as a set that already includes ball joint, hub nut, lock plate wheel and split pin (PR03001P / PR03002P). Bear in mind that you need 2 sets per car. 

For normal, street use of your 911 and 914 Porsche one should choose Prekom stock (OEM) ball joints, but if you want more camber, you should choose Prekom racing version ball joints.  Our program range also includes stock (PR03007P) and de-cambered ball joints for Porsche 911 RS.

For example Prekom 911 (F&G model) and 914 racing version ball joints are decambered with 3mm negative camber (PR03005P / PR03006P).  


Depending on your A-arm type you can also choose straight 911, 912 racing ball joints that offers increased camber adjustability (PR03003P / PR03004P).  

In our production process, we use only high-grade materials for our ball joints and all the materials are selected carefully to meet our high-quality standards. The complete ball joint production processes are made in house – from design, development, testing, processing, rubber vulcanization, assembling and packing, since this is the only way to control the quality of each phase. 

Maintained Porsche suspension parts make your driving fun and safe  

The ball joint plays a critical role in the performance, safety, and overall functionality of your Porsche suspension and steering system. Replacing a worn-out or damaged ball joint brings several benefits, including improved steering control, enhanced suspension performance, increased safety, and protection for other suspension components.  

To ensure the longevity, reliability and stability of your beloved Porsche you need to prioritize regular inspection and maintenance, including ball joint replacement when necessary.   

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