Porsche 964 trailing arm bushings kit and renovation service

Porsche 964 trailing arm bushings

Porsche 964 trailing arm bushings kit and renovation service

Porsche 964 is a classic Porsche model produced from 1989 to 1994. To keep up with the market in 1989 Porsche made some major upgrades to the 911 model. At that time 911 G-model was phased out and brand new 911 Carrera 4 type 964 was introduced.

Porsche 964 is worshipped by many enthusiasts and collectors all around the world who like to keep their car in top condition. This also includes maintenace of steering and suspension parts. One of the important suspension parts of these cars are the rear trailing arms.

Trailing arms, also known as rear control arms or rear suspension arms, are important component of the 964 rear suspension system. Like any mechanical part, over time they experience wear and require maintenance or replacement.

Most common issues and signs of wear of Porsche 964 trailing arms:

  • Bushings Wear

Porsche 964 trailing arms have bushings at pivot points. These bushings usually wear out over time, when you notice increased play in the rear suspension. Poor handling and feeling of instability is present.

  • Sway and Handling Issues

When 964 trailing arms are worn, rear end of the car feel unstable. Especially during cornering, a lack of responsiveness in the rear suspension is present.

  • Alignment Problems and excessive tyre wear

Worn trailing arms affect the alignment of the rear wheels, cause uneven tire wear and reduced handling performance.

  • Noise

When the bushings or other components of the trailing arms wear out, you may hear clunking noises coming from the rear end of the car, when driving over bumps or rough roads.

  • Vibration Increase

Worn 964 trailing arm bushings transmit more vibrations from the road to the vehicle’s chassis, which leads to a rougher and less comfortable ride.

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms on your 964 Porsche, it is time to inspect your suspension components. You should regulary check the condition of the trailing arms and its bushings. If you find any irregularities, appropriate repairs or replacement of the trailing arms should be performed.

Prekom 964 trailing arm bushings kit for stock, sport and motorsport applications

At Prekom we offer 964 trailing arm bushings kits with stiffer rubber compound (30% harder than OEM), which works perfectly on street/stock and sport applications. Our trailing arm bushings kit also includes high quality assembly tools (workshop grade) for 964/965 trailing arms renewal and lubricant for easier installation.

To make your own restoration process easier, check out our 964 trailing arm bushings kit installation guide here.

For all track oriented race enthusiasts we developed monoball (uniball) bushings (PR52021P) which are sold in pairs to restore both trailing arms.

Prekom 964 trailing arm renovation service

In case you lack the time or knowledge, we are also pleased to offer you our renovation services on an exchange basis for the 964 trailing arms in two varieties – stock/sport and motorsport. Apart from the new bushings, we also clean, sand blast and color the trailing arms to look as new. Contact us for more details.

To keep your classic Porsche 964 handling and ride quality in top condition, keep in mind that regular maintenance and inspections of your steering and suspension parts, including the trailing arms and its bushings, are essential.

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