Porsche 914 trailing arm DIY kits and renovation services by Prekom

Porsche 914 trailing arms

Porsche 914 trailing arm DIY kits and renovation services by Prekom

Porsche 914 was a collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen from 1969 to 1976. With its mid-engine four-cylinder boxer engine and rear wheel drive Porsche 914 became the top-selling sports car of its time.

Porsche 914 trailing arms ensure a stable and smooth ride

Porsche 914 utilizes trailing arms in its suspension system. These arms are suspension components that connect the wheels to the chassis. They play a crucial role in controlling the movement and alignment of the wheels ensuring a stable and smooth ride.

914  was renowned for its agile and well balanced maneuverability, partly thanks to its rear suspension setup. The design of rear trailing arms and front torsion bar suspension system became a winning combination for its great handling and stability.

914 trailing arms for independant movement of each rear wheel

One of the notable features of the Porsche 914’s rear suspension was the use of trailing arms, allowing each rear wheel to move independently. This independence greatly improved traction, especially when taking corners or driving on uneven roads.

Replacement of rubber bushings and axle in 914 trailing arms

As with any suspension components, it is also important to keep an eye on the condition of the trailing arms.  Over time trailing arms and bushings may require maintenance or replacement due to regular wear and tear.

Prekom 914 trailing arm DIY kits

At Prekom we offer Porsche 914 trailing arm bushings and axle renewal kits with different axle options (hollow and full) and also bushing sets. We offer trailing arm bushings in two versions – street (OEM specifications) and racing. Racing bushings offer 30% stiffer rubber for less deflection.

Since standard rear trailing arm / wheel carrier axle is hollow, we also offer full axle option which is prefered for more extreme conditions or off-road use.

When new axle is not needed you can opt for trailing arm bushings only, which are sold as a set in street / stock replacement version (PR52009P) and  racing version (PR52010P).

If you consider it is time to renovate your Porsche 914 trailing arms, but you lack time or skills to do it by yourself, you can also use our professional renovation (in exchange) service. We will make sure your trailing arms will look, feel and act as new.

Contact us for more information regarding our 914 trailing arm renovation service.

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