Improve your shifting with short shift distance kit

911, 912, 914 short shift distance kit

Improve your shifting with short shift distance kit

Our Porsche 911, 912 and 914 short shift distance kits for optimal power and better performance driving.

If you are manual transmission enthusiast like we are then you should benefit from the use of a short throw shifter (‘short shifter’).

Short shifter shortens hand travel during shifting from one gear to another. This results in faster shifts. Faster shifting makes it easier to maintain high engine revs and optimal power for spirited driving.

Some advantages that short throw shifter for manual transmissions brings:

  • Reduced Shift Distance

Short shift distance kit reduce the distance you need to move the gear lever to engage the next gear. This results in quicker and more precise shifting, allowing faster gear changes. Short shifting is particularly beneficial for spirited driving, performance driving or racing where quick gear changes are important.

  • Improved Shifting Feel

Short shifter offers a more direct and solid feel when shifting gears. It reduces play or slop in the shifter mechanism, resulting in a more connected and engaging driving experience.

  • Enhanced Precision

Short throw shifters allow more precise gear engagement, by reducing the shifter’s throw. Since the shifting distance is shorter, chance of missing gears or accidentally shifting into the wrong gear, especially during spirited driving, is reduced.

  • Faster Acceleration

With shorter shifts, the time spent shifting gears is reduced. This means that power delivery to the wheels can be maintained more consistently during acceleration, resulting in improved acceleration performance and quicker acceleration times.

  • Durability and Reliability

Upgraded short throw shifters are usually built with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the increased demands of aggressive shifting. This results in improved durability and longevity compared to the stock shifter.

At Prekom we offer short shift distance kits for Porsche 911 (F and G model), 912 and Porsche 914.

Prekom’s PR98016P short shift distance kit reduces shift distance by approximately 30% and is suitable for Porsche 911 with 915 transmission from 1974-1986.

Prekom’s PR98024P short shift distance kit reduces shift distance by approximately 30% and is suitable for Porsche 911 (1965-1972), 912 (1965-1969) and 914 (1969-1972).

If you would like to improve your Porsche shifting experience, consider installing Prekom’s short shift distance kit. To make your DIY project easier for you we invite you to check our Short shift distance kit installation instructions.

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