Porsche Cayenne Off-road parts

Porsche Cayenne off-road parts

Porsche Cayenne Off-road parts

Porsche Cayenne off-road parts, which will transform your daily car into the adventurous one!

We have been developing and testing the new Prekom Cayenne off-road parts for the last year and we are super happy that they are finally available for you too.

What can be better than transforming your ordinary Porsche Cayenne into a real bad-ass off-road / overland vehicle, with our specially designed off-road Cayenne steering and suspension parts. Using strong materials, the parts are good for hard off-roading too.

Part of our team is overland enthusiasts, so this was also a project made out of passion.

Even though we developed all the Cayenne off-road parts for extreme off-roading conditions, we still wanted to keep a comfortable ride on-road. That is exactly why we have decided to manufacture the parts with rubber bushings and not uniballs. This way we kept a smooth, noise-free ride, but because we used harder rubber, it is also perfect for more demanding terrain. Apart from that, the bushings, compared to uniballs, are water and dust resistant.

You can now find front adjustable sway bars, front adjustable ball joint control arms, rear adjustable link arms with skid plates in our product range, ready to take you on a new adventure. We also have the air-suspension covered with adjustable self-leveling senzor with linkage.

Our Prekom Cayenne off-road parts are available for generation 1 and 2 – models 955, 957 and 958.

All the parts fit also to VW Touareg and Audi Q7.


Porsche Cayenne off-road parts production video

Porsche Cayenne off-road parts in action

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