Ferrari ball joints play a cruical role in performance and precision

Ferrari ball joints

Ferrari ball joints play a cruical role in performance and precision

Ferrari is a symbol of luxury, performance, and precision. It is renowned for its exceptional engineering and driving experience. To maintain the high standards of your Ferrari, regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial.

Changing ball joints on a Ferrari, a high-performance sports car, is a part of routine maintenance and repair. Ball joints are crucial components of a car’s suspension and steering system and are responsible for ensuring proper control, stability and alignment.

Over time, these parts wear out due to regular use, road conditions, or aggressive driving. When ball joints become worn or damaged, several issues can ocurr, such as excessive play in the steering, vibration, uneven tire wear and poor handling.

Replacing ball joints is essential when the driver wants to maintain the performance and safety of the car. By replacing these parts you restore the precise steering response, improve handling, and prevent further damage to other Ferrari suspension and steering components.

Why Changing Ball Joints on Your Ferrari is Crucial for Performance and Safety?

To maintain the optimal performance and safety of your Ferrari, regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential. One crucial aspect of maintenance involves paying attention to the ball joints in your Ferrari’s suspension system.

The Importance of Ball Joints:

Ball joints are a critical component of a vehicle’s suspension system, connecting the control arms to the steering knuckles. They provide a pivot point for the wheels to move up and down while allowing the wheels to turn when steering. In a Ferrari, which is designed for exceptional handling and precision, the ball joints play a vital role in maintaining control and stability during high-speed driving and aggressive maneuvers.

Signs of Worn Ferrari Ball Joints:

Over time, Ferrari ball joints can wear out due to regular use, exposure to road conditions, road debris and various driving styles. It is essential to recognize the signs of worn ball joints to address the issue promptly. Some common symptoms include:

  • Excessive play in the steering: Worn ball joints can result in increased play or looseness in the steering, making the vehicle feel less responsive and compromising overall control.
  • Vibrations and clunking noises: You may experience vibrations or hear clunking noises coming from the front Ferrari suspension when going over bumps or uneven surfaces, indicating worn ball joints.
  • Uneven tire wear: Faulty Ferrari ball joints can cause uneven tire wear, leading to premature tire damage and reduced grip, affecting the vehicle’s handling and safety.

Do worn Ferrari ball joints have an impact on performance and safety?

Driving a Ferrari demands precise handling and maximum control. Worn ball joints can compromise the car’s performance and safety in several ways:

  • Reduced steering response: When Ferrari ball joints wear out, they introduce excessive play into the steering system, resulting in decreased responsiveness and diminished driver feedback.
  • Compromised stability and control: Faulty ball joints on a Ferrari can affect the suspension geometry, leading to compromised stability during cornering and reduced traction, negatively impacting the car’s overall control and safety.
  • Increased tire wear and alignment issues: Worn ball joints can cause uneven tire wear, leading to the need for premature tire replacements. Moreover, misaligned wheels resulting from worn ball joints can affect the Ferrari’s handling, compromising safety and performance.

Benefits of Changing Ferrari Ball Joints:

Replacing worn ball joints on your Ferrari offers several benefits:

  • Restored steering precision: New ball joints eliminate excessive play in the steering, restoring the crisp and precise steering response that Ferrari owners expect.
  • Enhanced handling and control: By replacing worn ball joints, you ensure that the suspension system functions optimally, providing the necessary stability, control, and improved handling characteristics for spirited driving.
  • Tire preservation and improved grip: Properly functioning ball joints promote even tire wear, preserving the life of your tires and enhancing grip and traction on the road.


At Prekom we offer replacement Ferrari ball joints and its dust covers for upper and lower control arm for F360, F430, F575 and F612 models.

Prekom upper and lower Ferrari ball joints (FR03001P and FR03002P) are proudly made in our production facility in Europe and are upgraded to last longer than the originaly equipped ball joints. Prekom ball joint dust covers for Ferrari (FR98001P and FR98002P) include the retaining ring for the wishbone and also have indents on the clips for easy replacement.

When fitting the new ball joints the use special adhesive  – FR98003P is needed. For easier ball joints installation we highly recommend the use of Prekom installation tools FR63001P and FR63002P. When installing Ferrari ball joints please refere to our installation instructions for upper and lower ball joints.

Maintaining your Ferrari’s performance and safety requires paying attention to all the aspects of its maintenance and care, including the critical ball joints in the suspension system. By recognizing the signs of worn ball joints and addressing them promptly, you can ensure that your Ferrari continues to deliver the exceptional driving experience it was designed for. Regularly changing Ferrari ball joints not only enhances steering precision and handling but also promotes safety and extends the life of other Ferrari suspension components. To ensure the best results, we highly recommend to have these repairs performed by experienced professionals familiar with Ferrari’s unique requirements.

Replacement Ferrari ball joints manufactured by Prekom

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